Jesse Yuen

Hello! A frontend developer & interaction designer here, fresh off the boat from Perth now living in London.

GSOH, DTE, WLTM people to drink tea and do great work with. I'm available for new projects in July 2018.

Recent and favourite projects

Spaced Out

  • Design
  • Frontend
  • Wordpress
  • 2018

A lighthearted and playful online experience for up and coming Perth based placemakers which I've overseen from inception to take-off. Space is the Place!


  • UX
  • Design
  • Frontend
  • 2017
Talentology is a innovative recruitment tool based on established theories of psychometric assessment.

While at Humaan I worked closely with the client and creative director to design an extensive series of screens for their web app. We covered user flows such as onboarding, account management, billing and creating, delivering and participating in assessments. The product is soon to be released to a select number of users.

I'm not able to publicly share this work so let me know if you would like to see it ok? Shhhhhh.

I also fulfilled frontend development duties on the marketing site so feel free to have a squiz at that in the meantime.

Paris American Academy

  • Frontend
  • 2017

The Paris American Academy is Paris’s first bilingual design school, offering a range of art and design courses.

My role as frontend developer on this Humaan project was to give some seriously beautiful design a living presence in the browser.

Unconventional grids and page layouts made this build feel more artisan than most. It was my first time experimenting with fluid type which contributed to maintaining a bold editorial aesthetic for all screen sizes. Subtle use of parallax and buttery UI animation on bits and bobs also helped make this site feel full of life.

Apart from quiet satisfaction of a job done well, bonus points were gained for being CSS Designs Awards Site of the Day!


  • Frontend
  • 2017

ONiA is an orthodontist practice in South Australia who employed Humaan to create cheerful presence for their practice.

I had a lot of fun crafting on the frontend build of this site. I say craft as the process was an almost surreal mix of modern frontend and old-school, throwback techniques. The site is very texture and shape heavy with an mix of svg, css shapes, heavily textured pngs and tiled repeating raster images. I'm using Srcset to serve retina quality images when required.

From a frontend perspective the playful experience is helped along by extensive CSS3 animation. A bobbing keyframe animation powers many of the decorative elements across the site and a pinch of animation-delay gives them a sense of personality.

Our hard yakka on this site was validated by winning the Commercial category of the 2017 Australian Web Awards.

Perth Device Lab

  • Community
  • Design
  • Frontend
  • 2016

The Perth Device Lab is a grassroots, open community space for testing web products on a range of devices and operating systems. Tucked away in the Humaan office, the labs intention is to assist the Perth digital community in developing inclusive and accessible websites and apps.

It sounds kind of corny but we just want to make the web a better place.

Ready Steady Gov

  • UX
  • Design
  • Frontend
  • 2014

Before design systems were cool there was Ready Set Gov!, a collection of patterns & templates to support rapid development of West Australian government websites.

In this era of WA state government there was no official example of what a public website that complied with the Web Governance Framework (state government imposed guidelines) and WCAG 2.0 might look like.

Being resourceful lads we kicked off our own mini-revolution by releasing a series of modern, modular website templates. The intenet being an agency struggling with resources could use them to quickly launch a complient site or perhaps use them for rapid prototyping.

This project was a national finalist in the 2015 Australian Web Awards in the Innovation category and while in 2018 the project isn't as technically relevant, the intention is still valid.

The SCSA is a good example of a site using Ready Steady Gov! in the wild.

File under: #innovation #damntheman #publicservantsdoingitforthemsleves