Jesse Yuen

I'm an experienced frontend developer with an emerging focus on interaction design. I've recently moved to London and am currently looking for freelance/contract opportunities. I am open to a permanent role if the right job comes along.

You're looking at my work-in-progress portfolio.... I'm afraid it's still a bit rough around the edges, sorry. I nearly finished it but then got really busy!

Things I can help you with

→ Building semantic, accessible and performant frontend for websites & web apps using HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, RWD, Javascript, Gulp and Wordpress.

→ Working in the presentation layer of React projects alongside engineers with CSS in JS tools such as Styled Components and Glamorous as well as building React powered static sites with Gatsby.

→ Research, discovery, wireframing, information architecture, interaction/UI design (Sketch, Invision, Zeplin) and building, iterating and evaluating prototypes of varying fidelity.

Side projects

Following are personal/side projects that I've been tinkering with. More to come shorlty!

The Worlds Biggest Form
This project was an excuse to both get a silly idea out into the world and dip my toes into the React ecosystem. I used Create React App to get things started and Glamerous for styling components. Please stop by the gift shop on the way out.

Things lining up on designspiration
The joy of two images accidentally lining up on will never go undocumented again. Serious business with my mate Kylie Timpani.

Ideas for future projects
I maintain a repo on Github that lists ideas I'd like to explore. See an idea you like? It's yours. Let me know how it turns out ok?

About this site (if you're interested)

I set out to rapidly release an online portfolio with the intention of polish and iteration post-launch. I started by setting some parameters for me to work within.

  1. It was to be built using Gatsby, the static site generator for React. ✅
  2. Use the project to learn more about React, component based architecture and css-in-js. ✅
  3. The site wouldn't look like either of these two, and instead serve as a playground for mild layout experimentation. ✅
  4. Provide a place for me to write critically and succinctly. Still working on this... 🤔
  5. I will experiment with recent-ish and patchily supported frontend techniques. The current list includes @supports, CSS Grid, position:sticky, styled components and system ui font stacks (Next on the list: CSS custom properties) ✅.

What's left to do:

Browser/device testing, spelling and grammar check, image compression, revise focus styles, adding meta data, link titles, image alt tags, one more big ux project to add, content audit, add a 404, maybe move it to Netlify for continuous deployment, redesign... the list goes on.