Jesse Yuen


  • Frontend
  • 2017

I had a lot of fun crafting on the frontend build of this site. I say craft as the process was an almost surreal mix of modern frontend and old-school, throwback techniques.


Design by the good folk at Humaan.

The site is very texture and shape heavy with an mix of svg, css shapes, heavily textured pngs and tiled repeating raster images. I'm using Srcset to serve retina quality images when required to keep everything crisssssp.

From a frontend perspective the playful experience is supported along by extensive CSS3 animation. A bobbing keyframe animation is attached to many of the decorative elements across the site and a pinch of animation-delay gives them a sense of personality.

Our hard yakka on this site was validated by winning the Commercial category of the 2017 Australian Web Awards.

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