Jesse Yuen

Spaced Out

  • Design
  • Frontend
  • Audio
  • Wordpress
  • 2018

Spaced Out were looking for something playful, unique and flexible enough to grow as they did. I saw the project from wireframing and ideation through to development which gave me plenty of opportunity for experimentation and discovery along the way.

Kudos to the always on-point Studio Papa for the lovely branding to work with.


The landing screen. All the yellow! Where will that cheeky UFO pop up next?

Visitors are greeted with an animated hero banner. Used equally for both playful tone setting and as a wayfinding device, offering a means to explore key sections of the site.

Branding assets provided by Studio Papa provided me with plenty of opportunities for motion once in the browser.

As you explore the site you are greeted with subtle animation and where possible, cheeky micro interactions. Delight isn't always the appropriate emotion for an online experience (I just want my online banking UI to work dammit) but in this instance I was hoping for a positive reaction. Where possible (and budget allowing) I've tried to create an opportunities for a smile and a nod from the visitor.

How do you feel about sound playing in websites? Autoplaying audio is a divisive element of the web and often get's a bad rap but I've come around to the opinion that ambient background sounds are more than 👌 with me. I created a classic NASA quindar tone soundscape for the site as well as easter eggs hidden throughout that trigger themed audio effects.

Hover on the rocket in the footer and discover a playful interaction. Click the rocket to blast off!

Pages are based around a series of modular components that can be reused across the site to create unique layouts.

I provided examples of short, medium and long form component combinations from which Spaced Out then used to created their own pages within the CMS. Some were succinct content pages, others long form reading experiences.

Component based project pages allow the client the ability to craft layouts and appropriate experiences based around their own content.

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