Jesse Yuen


  • UX
  • Design
  • Frontend
  • 2017

This app design project at Humaan was a bit of a different one. This is was more than designing a MVP, but less than designing a fully fledged product. It was an exercise in design by informed assumption to test the water on a unfamiliar market.

This project sits behind and NDA so I can only share more on request.


Design by the good folk at Humaan

Have you ever heard of psychometrics? I hadn't! Essentially it's a methodology for shortlisting people for employment based on assessment and ranking. It traditionally requires the applicant to take a very, very, very long multiple choice test. Our task was to facilitate this process online, both from a administrator's perspective and the end user.

I worked closely with the client and creative director to design an extensive series of screens for their web app. We covered user flows such as onboarding, account management, billing and creating, delivering and participating in assessments. The product is soon to be released to a select number of users.

I also fulfilled frontend development duties on the marketing site so feel free to have a squiz at that in the meantime. Look closely enough and you'll get a few glimpses of the product we designed 🤫.

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